DR0366 Messengers of Summer 61X76 USD 400.00
DR0367 The Gift - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0349 Summer Promise Ganab 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0338 Summer Sky, Karibib - Namibia 76X61 USD400.00
DR0342 Erongo Shadows - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00
DR0343 Spitskoppen Hinterland 61X46 USD 200.00 SOLD
DR0363 Aiaiba Sunrise - Namibia 61X45 USD 200.00 SOLD
DR0323 The Watchers - Homeb - Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00

 Please note: all dimensions are in Centimetres


DR0358 The Gap - Keurboomstrand 51X63.5 USD 260.00

DR0359 Afternoon Bush 61X41 USD 200.00

DR0361DR0361 Somewhere between Aranos and Stampriet 44X61 USD 220.00

DR0362 Cental Namib Promise 61X53.5 USD 260.00

DR0360 Langstrand Rocks 62X46 USD230.00

DR0346 Halfway to Usakos 61X41 USD 210.00

DR0347 Morning light and Rocks 61X41 USD210.00

DR0357 The Rocks of Ameib 61X41 USD 185.00 SOLD

DR0356 Auas Mountains - Windhoek 61X46 SOLD

DR0350 Lonely Landmark 76X61 USD 400.00

DR0328 Desert Clouds 76X61 USD 400.00

DR0353 Daybreak Auas Mountains - Namibia 61X48 USD 250.00

DR0354 Daybreak - Blasskrantz - Namibia 63X51 USD 260.00

DR0307 Khanriver Sentinel - Namibia 61X41 USD 200.00

DR0298 Vingerklip - Omaruru _ Namibia 76X61 USD 400.00

DR0351 Sossusvlei Sanddune - Namibia 54X61 USD 280.00

DR0352 Golden Dawn - Namibia 36.5X46 USD 140.00

DR0345 Sunshine and Rocks 51X41 USD 170.00

DR0341 Early Light - Namib 76X61 USD 400.00


DR0340 Ameib Bush 40.5X30 USD 105.00


DR0337 Naukluft Morning 61X40.5 USD 205.00

DR0323 Last Light - Moonvalley Namibia 76X61 Sold



DR0309 Beachcombers - Langstrand 36X46 USD 140.00